The old way of detecting cables underground is a little old fashioned and should be brought up to date with the Technology that is around also come cheaper and not be a ghosted costly art...........

When you can shoot a radio beam with high accuracy at an area underground and actually see it's return pattern on a TV screen then say no more....!

The two main Problems of using a dipole is it out of FOCUS and fires the RF in all directions due to the near field and phase problems also you produce a high voltage "E" field that ALAS gets absorbed by the ground.

However concentrate the RF into what I have now called a "POYNATRON" RF beam (like a LASER but RF) it does not have the Hugh losses that a dipole has and will also go through metal whereas a TEM wave will not due to "E" field attenuation..

You can determine the nature of the reflection and it's atomic structure....

Modern computer techniques enable us to filter these results and give REAL SEEABLE DATA on a VDU.....................

The Cable Detection Industry has to moved forward with Technology.

The Above is the old way of how to do it !

(To be Continued )