GB3XG 10GHz Antenna for ATV

This is a slotted waveguide antenna as used on GB3XG on Dundry Hill South Bristol built for the SEVERNSIDE ATV Group several years ago. A TX and an RX antenna up a DEWSON's drain pipe provided a 14dbd gain at 10,065MHz The gain was within about 1 to 2 dB all around the 360 Deg angle. Each side has 20 slots and fins added to remove phase cancellations due to the waveguide thickness thus standard waveguide could be used...........

Nigel G7JZP built and tuned the slotted antenna a very skilled job Ivor G1IXF did the other work making it all stable to withstand Vibration up the tube and weather seal it....Two Great Guys on the team...! 

The only real problem we had was ICE build up on the tube during very bad cold windy weather.

Tests I carried out showed a flat bandwidth of about 25MHz so only useful for narrow band working or a repeater input and another for the output. NOTE this is horizontally polarized.

The bottom connects via a standard waveguide flange.