3c/m RX ............. Sorry it's a bit out of focus

This Unit is a Comtech RX with my Software to drive the 8 Digit Display and the A/D for the "S" meter in dbm and lastly the Frequency up/down buttons.... These tune in either 125 KHz steps or 2MHz steps....The input is from an LNB that has had a 9.1GHz Puck fitted.... The Software takes care of both the LNB and IF offsets namely 9.1GHz and 480MHz so that the Display is correct. The A/D has also to input the "S" meter AGC signal and remove the 1.3Volt offset and calibrate that 4.3Volts is -30dbm....The A/D values are then converted into displayed values from -30dbm to -99dbm (No Signal )... G3RFL