Video Sync Level Corrector

New Unit

PCB is only 3.25" X 2.25" in size

The basic unit clamps  to a correct black level and clamps to the correct sync bottom level thus cleans up the syncs suitable for repeaters that have to cope with a wide range of faulty Video sources that could partly be in the noise and who's level may even be transmitted wrong. Thus the through signal is cleaned up to a certain standard reducing the ATV receive stations of experiencing  poor line or frame locking due to unclamped levels. The unit basically clamps the sync to a known voltage. Removes the line sync, frame sync, odd/even signal and burst gate timing. All these get fed into the MACH logic chip and get cleaned up then DC restored and correct timings added all together to give a noise free sync's and dc levels. The Luminance and Chrominance is added but any noise on that cannot be corrected with this circuit. Requirements are 1 Volt P~P 75 ohms Video and 12V DC supply.

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