Original Design

  1. 64x20 Character Field (52x18 Visible).
  2. 128 Characters (Black/White).
  3. 8x16 Character Bitmap.
  4. 8 Foreground Colours.
  5. 1 Black Background Colour.
  6. Syncs with resolution of 1000ns.
  7. Field Reset with resolution of 1000ns.
  8. Non-Interlaced.
  9. Page Selector.
  10. Characters are either a solid Colour or a black and white bitmap.
  11. One Special Control Character (Solid Black) Required for Block/Bitmap Interchange.
  12. EPROM Memory Map.
  13. 0-1279 1280 Character Pointer Array and Control Select.
  14. 1280-2047 768 Unused.
  15. 2048-4095 2048 Character Bitmaps or Control Data.
  16. Supply Current about 350m/A @ 12 Volts (~4.2 Watts)
  17. Add on RGB to PAL chip with External Delay Line

New Fangled Designed in Sept 2001

  1. 64x20 Character Field (52x18 Visible, Can be 52x19)

  2. 128 Characters (7 reserved for Syncs & Reset)

  3. 8x16 Character Bitmap

  4. 8 Foreground Colours

  5. 8 Background Colours

  6. Syncs with resolution of 125ns

  7. Field Reset with resolution of 125ns

  8. Non-Interlaced (odd or even selectable) and Interlaced

  9. Page Selector RESET and INCREMENT (active to ground)

  10. Teletext Input DATA and GATE (inverted)

  11. Each of the 128 Characters have 2 sets of Foreground and Background Colours

  12. No Control Characters required in picture

  13. Modern RGB to PAL IC (no external delay lines required)

  14. It is Possible to do a small amount of Animation using several pages up to 16

  15. Lower Supply Current only 85m/A (so it is GREEN...HI)

  16. Needs only 8 to 14 Volts Supply DC.( ~1 Watt)

  17. The MACH4 is protected from being copied....!

  18. Also The Eprom....

  19. Can Import old style EPROM data (HEX) and convert it to the New Standard

  20. Auto Increment on ANIMATION done at Eprom built time

  21. Small enough to fit in most TX's its only 2.5" x 2.5"

  22. No links either !

  23. Easy PC based page program to build, fill, import and export

  24. PAL output 75ohms (was B/W back in 1983).

  25. Luminance Output 75 ohms

  26. Chrominance Output 75 ohms

  27. Thus "S" video is possible

  28. With slight mods at build time can do NTSC but it would require new Software/Xtal

  29. All Synchronous does not suffer from timing delays


Final Version 2.5"X 2.5"


Below is the Fully Interlaced Picture result.



Now only 2.5" Square

85m/A and runs off 8-14V supply

So its GREEN