23c/m RF 6db AMPLIFIER giving 500m/W output

I needed a small amount of gain at 23c/m to drive my BRICK PA and from my Camtech TX unit only had just over 100m/w so something had to be designed to give me 5/6db of gain. The following was the result of several days work. The PCB was double sided but the first proto was single sided but I decided to clean things up a little and put on the PCB suitable Voltage regulators and bias trimmers. Additional SM components not shown are underneath the PCB..

Prototype unit

The result was to my surprise was the efficiency of the unit with just 5.5V on the collector and drawing 135m/A it gave me a nice 500m/W output at 1255MHz......The device ran cool after being near to the window with the Sun shinning on it..!

The total POWER from my modified brick was 25 WATTS at 13.6 V supply..

NOTE the mounting of the SMA turned 45 degs to keep the nuts from interfering with the strip line and leaving out one fixing nut and bolt.

Final PCB is just 40mm X 83mm in size Top View.