More gain has been gained and better more controlled results...

Please read the first article its the same LNB type.

Series1 line (blue) is NO mods 10000MHz going up in 50MHz steps up to about 11000MHZ...

Series2 line (red) role off filter as shown on picture in last article....

Series3 PTF (yellow) material across the preamp to next amp coupling combe...(on the left) with a 12Volt supply

3 LNB's were done at the same time and gave results but still think it can be made level

Note the 9.1 GHz Puck (DRO) on the right on the LNB picture was stuck down with the glue from a glue gun without loss. I have tried the white and the clear both work fine.

The bottom Picture shows how I got the DRO on Frequency by countersinking the tuning screw cavity but care must be taken here not to go too far leave at least 4 threads or more.....RFL

The Attenuation figures are only a Reference the No2 is Blue, No 3 is Red and No 4 is Yellow.

No 2/3 on the Frequency line is where GB3XG is on 10,065MHz