The AD9832 is a numerically controlled oscillator employing a phase accumulator, a sine look-up table and a 10-bit D/A converter integrated on a single CMOS chip. Modulation capabilities are provided for phase modulation and frequency modulation. Clock rates up to 25Mhz are supported. Frequency accuracy can be controlled to one part in 4 billion. Modulation is effected by loading registers through the serial interface. A power down bit allows the user to power down the AD9832 when it is not in use, the power consumption being reduced to 5m/W (5V) or 3m/W (3V) the part is available in a TSSOP package.

Three lines control the data FSYNC--SDATA--SCLK. The fsync is activated to inform the DDS that a new word is being loaded. SDATA is the serial data and likewise SCLK is the thing that clocks in the data..

These are made by Analog Devices....