Absorbers for RF are very expensive to buy usually known as tiles... Here is the G3RFL way of doing the same job buy a packet of wallpaper paste and some graphite dust from your local DIY shop used to lubricate locks and the like then get a sheet of plywood.... Slowly mix the Wallpaper paste as normal and get rid of the lumps then mix in at least 4 to 6 small bottles of Graphite dust until it looks nice and black... Paste onto the wood leave at least 2/3 days then cut the wood to the shape you require as an RF ABSORBER...... G3RFL

The Example above was a 2X3 foot sheet of Plywood it required about 1 gallon of water and 0.25 packet of wallpaper paste and 1 bottle of Dry Graphite made by CK. I used the whole lot up just kept coating untill dry.